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October 22, 2014

Houston sermon subpoenas unite Baptists 

October 20, 2014 by Tom Strode & Bonnie Pritchett, Baptist Press
Houston The city of Houston has managed to unite Baptists divided on other issues to speak with one voice on an application of their shared belief in religious freedom.

BOD approves amendments, property proposals 

October 20, 2014 by BSC Communications 
The Baptist State Convention of North Carolina’s Board of Directors approved bylaw changes for annual meeting messengers to consider in November and voted on property issues relating to Baptist Campus Ministries and Fruitland Baptist Bible College.

Idaho ministers sue to prevent gay weddings at chapel

October 21, 2014 by Sarah Pulliam Bailey, Relgion News Service
Idaho Marriage
The owners of an Idaho wedding chapel have filed suit against their city officials, claiming it is unconstitutionally forcing them to violate their religious beliefs by forcing them to perform same-sex marriages or face fines and jail time.

Mud Creek seeks racial reconciliation

October 21, 2014 by Michael McEwen, BR Content Editor
Mud Creek
Mud Creek Baptist Church has begun to reconcile its racist past with a church that shares its name, Mud Creek Missionary Baptist Church. The churches plan to work together to continue towards a more united future.

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Blume: Is Houston coming to your door next?
Other events during N.C. annual meeting 

Floyd: Stand up for Houston pastorsMarriage ‘non-decision’ draws Roe comparison

Allan Blume
K. Allan Blume
BR Editor

The Houston scandal 

When we were engaged in North Carolina's Marriage Amendment debate in early 2012, I shared a series of emails with a man who said he was raised in a Baptist church. He did not understand or agree with my view that marriage is between one man and one woman. He insisted that granting homosexuals legal status to marry would have absolutely no impact on my life, on churches or on anyone's freedoms. The gentleman boldly stated that if he thought basic religious freedoms would be impacted, he would not vote for the Marriage Amendment.

I hope he has been paying attention. As expected, homosexual activists are not only demanding special privileges for themselves, they want to silence and aggressively punish all who do not share their view -- even if constitutional rights are trampled. Examples are filling the news every week.

The Houston scandal is one of the most brazen examples of bullying and unconstitutional heavy-handedness we have seen in American history. Your Biblical Recorder staff has posted several stories about the horrific actions of Houston's mayor and city attorney against local pastors. Read my editorial on the scandal here. I hope you will share this broadly. We must be informed on this issue. It must not be ignored. 

A major conclusion we must draw from the current cultural clashes is the high value of every Christian vote at the ballot box. Plan to vote. Be informed on the candidates before you vote. Encourage others to vote. Then VOTE! It is our privilege and our responsibility.

It was a joyful prvilege to celebrate the 99th anniversary of Kennebec Baptist Church in Angier last Sunday with pastor Mark Howard, and with former BR board member, associate pastor Larry Whichard. I am always grateful for the honor of preaching the Word in the great churches of our state.

Tuesday night, Oct. 21, I was with our Baptist family in the Carolina Baptist Association for their semi-annual meeting at Crab Creek Baptist Church in Hendersonville. Sandy Beck, director of missions, reminded the crowd that this association has many great churches, including the church that leads the state in Cooperative Program gifts, First Baptist of Hendersonville. Another church in that association is featured in this week's Biblical Recorder. Read this interesting story about Mud Creek Baptist Church.

Don’t miss the N.C. Pastors' Conference and the annual meeting Nov. 9-11 in Greensboro. Did you download your annual meeting app yet? Get it here.

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