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September 12, 2012
Upcoming election stirs Baptists to pray
September 11, 2012 by Shawn Hendricks, BR Managing Editor
With the upcoming presidential election merely weeks away, many North Carolina Baptists – and fellow evangelicals across the country – seem to be focusing more attention on politics. Many are also falling on their knees in prayer.
Ministry, politics converge in Charlotte 
September 10, 2012 by Shawn Hendricks, BR Managing Editor
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While politics was the biggest draw in Charlotte during the week of the Democratic National Convention (DNC), many churches in the area saw the large out-of-town crowd as an opportunity to share the love of Jesus.
Roy Fish, former Southwestern professor, dies
September 10, 2012 by Benjamin Hawkins, SWBTS & BR staff 
Sample Image Roy J. Fish, 82, died Monday (Sept. 10). Fish served Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas for nearly 50 years.
'Last Ounce of Courage': Q&A with director
September 31, 2012 by Ginny Dent Brant, Guest Column
The movie, “Last Ounce of Courage,” opens this weekend (Sept. 14) in more than 1,200 theaters nationwide. The movie's release will coincide with Patriot’s Day and 9/11.


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Suspect arrested in death of IMB worker

Iranian pastor acquitted, freed

Editor's column: Is there room for God?
Allan Blume
K. Allan Blume
BR Editor
Roy Fish's life defined evangelism

It may be that we just lost the most effective advocate for personal evangelism in the last 100 years. More than simply an advocate, Dr. Roy Fish was a faithful practitioner.

Earlier this week, Roy Fish, distinguished professor emeritus of evangelism at Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, died. He served the seminary almost 50 years and occupied the L.R. Scarborough Chair of Evangelism.

His influence in the area of evangelism is immeasurable. I am speechless in my attempts to describe this man’s impact on the generations he served. He personally led thousands to Christ and probably motivated more students to be a faithful witness than anyone in Baptist life.

I am personally indebted to Dr. Fish for his personal investment in my life. Over a lunch table in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1974, he asked if I would be willing to be his grader my final year in seminary. Who could turn down an opportunity to work closely with, and be mentored by, Roy Fish?

That year I saw up close a man who was consistent as a witness for Christ. He gave meaning to "passionate" evangelism. He was unquestionably real in his desire to see people come to Christ. He lived the Gospel.

He asked me to help him develop a strategy for taking the gospel to every home in the neighborhoods surrounding the seminary. He also asked me to coordinate a strategy for students to use their Spring break to evangelize "pioneer" areas of the United States. That ministry is now called "Revive This Nation," and sends hundreds of student preachers across the country to preach in local churches every year.

Dr. Fish was appropriately honored in 2005, when Southwestern's division of evangelism and missions in the School of Theology was reorganized as the Roy Fish School of Evangelism and Missions.

He and his wife, Jean, were great friends to my wife and me. We will miss him. We know that countless men and women will spend eternity with Jesus because of this godly man. May God raise up more like Roy Fish in every generation!

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