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March 15, 2017

Page & Moore: 'We fully support one another'

March 14, 2016 by David Roach, Baptist Press
Despite news suggesting SBC Executive Committee President Frank Page could ask ERLC President Russell Moore to resign amid controversy, the two SBC entity leaders reported a collegial meeting. READ MORE 

Disciple-making task force to work additional year

March 13, 2017 by Diana Chandler, Baptist Press
A group tasked with encouraging and teaching disciple-making among Southern Baptist churches will extend its work an additional year, task force chairman Robby Gallaty said. READ MORE

Graham extols unity at NOBTS amid debate

March 13, 2017 by Gary D. Myers, NOBTS Communications
Amid debate over a decision by Prestonwood Baptist Church to escrow CP funds, Jack Graham told a seminary chapel audience Jesus must be the focus of every congregation. READ MORE

Anti-Semitism demands Christian response

March 13, 2017 by David Roach, Baptist Press
A wave of anti-Semitism that has drawn responses from government leaders and Jewish groups presents what the Southern Baptist Messianic Fellowship’s president calls a “powerful opportunity." READ MORE

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Akin: Staggered & humbled
Allan Blume
K. Allan Blume
BR Editor

The harvest is ready. Workers needed!

North America is a vast mission field. Beginning with your next door neighbor and extending to people who live in the large, bustling cities of this continent, “the harvest is plentiful,” in the words of Jesus. Yes, the harvest is plentiful – there are plenty of people who do not know Jesus. Also, I believe the harvest is ripe. Most are willing to listen to Christians who live by Biblical standards and talk about their faith. But, there is a shortage of laborers, believers who are willing to live what they believe and share the gospel winsomely.
Think about that for a minute. The context of my thoughts is Luke 10:2 when Jesus told the seventy-two that He was sending out on mission, “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” The harvest is great, there is a shortage of laborers, so He told them to pray.
What? It would seem that they need to develop a strategy and schedule some training sessions. But Jesus said, “pray.” Prayer is the beginning point and foundation of all kingdom work.
Last week was the scheduled week of prayer for North American missions. I hope you prayed for our church planters and other North American missionaries. But, we can – and should – pray always for the mission work in the homeland. Pray that God will raise up more workers.
Pray that God will open the eyes of all believers to the truth that we are workers, if we are saved. Workers are not just ordained ministers. Most workers are employed in a broad plethora of careers, but they still see themselves as faithful followers of Jesus Christ who are on a mission to proclaim Good News. That’s kingdom work. That’s what it’s all about.
I hope the news and information that you (and your fellow church members) read in the Biblical Recorder is strengthening your mission to lift up Jesus in the harvest field of North America. Let us know how we can pray for you and support God's call for your church family.

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