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July 24, 2018

Expo to offer worship training for entire church

July 24, 2018 by Chad Austin, BSC Communications
A comprehensive training event designed for anyone involved in worship and music ministry in a local church is coming to North Carolina this fall. The Renewing Worship Expo ... 

Baptist leader's arrest sparks responses

July 23, 2018 by BR Staff
Mark Aderholt, a Southern Baptist leader who formerly worked for the International Mission Board and the South Carolina Baptist Convention, was arrested July 3.

Church's roll purge incites media 'circus'

July 23, 2018 by David Roach, Baptist Press
Kentucky Baptists are defending a church slammed in secular media outlets over its practice of church discipline. Cave City Baptist Church sent a letter July 16 to nearly 70 members ... READ MORE

James Sullivan: tower gone, legacy remains

July 24, 2018 by Art Toalston, Baptist Press
Thirteen years after the death of the man for whom it was named, the 11-story Sullivan Tower was imploded on July 21 in Nashville. But what continues ...

Blume: Remove 'great and very serious disadvantages'
Culture, discipleship grow LifeWay event 25 years
Hollifield: Give thanks and pray for godly leaders
Missouri DR deploys after 17 killed at Branson lake
Allan Blume
K. Allan Blume
BR Editor

Telling others' stories 

In this week’s print edition of the Biblical Recorder, my editorial addresses some disadvantages North Carolina Baptists faced in the past regarding our communication strategies and some disadvantages staring at us now. I believe we are not using the communication tools that are readily available to us.

Many in our churches – perhaps most – do not know about the ministry of the Biblical Recorder or the five primary ways we deliver news to them. If they knew, I believe our print subscriptions would more than triple and the BRnow website – which has impressive traffic – would skyrocket. Please read my comments in the full editorial and share your thoughts with me.

The BR tells others’ stories. We report on churches, associations and statewide ministries so our Baptist family is informed about great victories and real needs across the state. Some of those ministries depend heavily on the North Carolina Missions Offering. Without this offering, disaster relief cannot happen. I hope your church is preparing to give a generous offering to NCMO. This week’s print edition has a list of the 50 churches that gave the largest gifts to last year’s NCMO.

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