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May 30, 2012
Wright sets stage for 'historic' SBC meeting
May 24 2012 Baptist Press
In his final monthly video as president of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), Bryant Wright previews the annual meeting in New Orleans, noting that unengaged, unreached people groups and church planting will be the main focus.
41%, a record low: Pro-choice view slides in Gallup polling 
May 25 2012 by Baptist Press
Sample Image Americans who consider themselves pro-choice on abortion are at a record low, according to a new Gallup public opinion poll. 
101 new missionaries appointed by IMB
May 29 2012 by Laura Fielding, IMB
Sample Image
The International Mission Board appointed 101 missionaries during a service at Brentwood (Tenn.) Baptist Church.
UNC committee won't recommend 'all-comers' policy
May 25 2012 by World News Service
The committee reviewing the nondiscrimination policy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill likely will not recommend the school adopt an “all-comers” policy for student organizations. 


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UNC-Greensboro reverses ruling on group's religious status 
Believer sees harvest in  months of imprisonment, torture  
IMB trustees elect VP of marketplace endeavor
'A lot of hurt' in Seattle meets with church planter's vision
Guest column: Gay divorce threatens marriage 

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Allan Blume
K. Allan Blume
BR Editor
Will we welcome change?
May 23 2012

One thing is certain in the physical world of life: everything changes! The weather changes, the seasons change, we get older, fashions change, foods change, music changes, languages change – everything around us is in a perpetual state of change. Whether or not we like it, that’s the way it is!

For 165 years the Biblical Recorder had one method for delivery of the news to Baptists – the printed page. Fourteen years ago that changed. With the launch of a website, two "delivery systems" were actively in place. In more recent years a third change was implemented with the introduction of our Twitter account and Facebook page. Another change was launched early this month – this weekly e-newsletter, BRweekly. Out of necessity and the passion to communicate with Baptists we have changed.

Our friend Chuck Register is executive leader for the Church Planting and Missions Development Group of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. His blog post this week is "America Is Changing and So Must Your Ministry." This is the first of four installments which every church leader should read. Our resistence to make appropriate changes is destroying our effectiveness in the proclamation of the unchanging Gospel. I encourage you to give fair and honest consideration to Dr. Register’s comments. Follow his blog through this series.

The statistics are in our face. To ignore the obvious and resist change will only kick the can of change further down the road, and it will increase the chances of failure in our ministry.

I’ve heard Ed Stetzer and other leaders say, "We will change when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change." May God open our eyes to the pain of staying the same!

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I welcome your comments. The Biblical Recorder serves the local church and is your partner in the Great Commission. Email me: editor@BRnow.org.

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