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BRweekly is an e-newsletter produced by the Biblical Recorder staff. It is emailed early every Wednesday morning to all who request it. There is no charge to receive this helpful e-newsletter.


Advertising Rates
  • Top Banner Ad
    (Space A)

    $12.00 per issue(728 W x 90 H pixels)
  • Right Side Ads
    (Spaces B1 or B2)
    $10.00 per issue (300 W x 250 H pixels)
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    (Space C1)

    $8.00 per issue
    (610 W x 90 H pixels)
  • Bottom Center Ad (Space C2)
    $8.00 per issue(610 W x 90 H pixels)

Discount packages are available for simultaneous advertising in BRweekly, and/or the Biblical Recorder and for long-term packages. Please contact Alison McKinney for details at (919) 459-5691 or

All advertising boxes are available on a “first come” basis. All advertising is subject to the approval of the editor.

All rates assume that the advertiser provides “art-ready” ads. The Biblical Recorder is able to prepare the graphic for an additional charge.

Please submit ads in a GIF format. We can use a PDF as a secondary option if necessary.

For additional information or for assistance in placing your ad, please call Alison McKinney at (919) 459-5691 or email her at