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December 10, 2014

Typhoon Hagupit steamrolls the Philippines

December 9, 2014 by Caroline Anderson, BGR
Typhoon One year after Typhoon Haiyan steamrolled through the Philippines, another typhoon is carving a path of destruction through the islands. Typhoon Hagupit, or "Ruby," made landfall Saturday evening.

Two nights that changed Graham’s & Zamperini’s lives

December 9, 2014 by Cathy Lynn Grossman, Religion News Service
The preaching in that rented circus tent in Los Angeles changed Louis Zamperini, who stopped drinking. And those Los Angeles nights also changed the preacher, Billy Graham, and the future course of American evangelicalism.

Pro-life, pro-choice groups agree in case

December 8, 2014 by Tom Strode, Baptist Press
Several organizations urged Supreme Court justices in various friend-of-the-court briefs to find that United Parcel Service (UPS) violated a 1978 law, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act.

Fla. pastor shooting suspect arrested

December 8, 2014 by Keila Diaz, Florida Baptist Witness/Baptist Press
On Dec. 4, police responded to a shooting at Bayshore Baptist Church in Bradenton, Fla. When officers arrived on the scene they discovered Pastor Tripp Battle, 31, had been fatally shot as well as two others.


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CP 2 percent above budget projection

Allan Blume
K. Allan Blume
BR Editor

LMCO is essential

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering (LMCO) for International Missions. I believe there is no other fund, organization or ministry that will more efficiently and more effectively impact the unreached people of the world. LMCO is the funding behind the men and women who once sat in our pews each week, but are now on the front lines of international outreach. They are sharing the gospel verbally and with their lives, making disciples and planting churches wherever there is lostness.

No single church can do this, but together we can underwrite the work of our missionaries. This is the reason each of us must give sacrificially.

In the last church I pastored we counted the international personnel serving around the world from our congregation. Based on the information provided by the International Mission Board, we calculated it would take about $550,000 each year just to support the missionaries from our church alone. Since our LMCO was less than half that amount, we realized how much we need the cooperation of other Baptist churches. We need each other!

It was exciting to be with pastor Charlie Martin and the Bethel Baptist Church family in Vilas last Sunday. Pastor Charlie and his wife, Stephanie, retired from a large church in Florida to settle in this beautiful community several years ago, and God put him back to work right away at Bethel. He is a tremendous blessing!

The church sits on the edge of Watauga County, almost on the Tennessee border. This is a community that carries some personal connections for me. My great-great-grandfather’s family moved to the Bethel community in the mid-1800s. So, my relatives are all over the county. I’m glad to see the gospel is still faithfully proclaimed in Watauga County.

Please continue to pray for our missionaries. If you do not have a prayer guide, visit the IMB website for your daily prayer guide.

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