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September 7, 2016

9/11 memories linger 15 years later

September 6, 2016 by Dianna L. Cagle, BR Production Editor
On Sept. 11, 2001, four terrorist attacks killed almost 3,000 people and injured 6,000 others. Four airplanes were hijacked by terrorists. Two planes crashed into the World Trade Center in New York City. READ MORE 

Former doctor starts FIRE with restaurant workers

September 6, 2016 by Emily Rojas, BSC Communications
Every Christian’s life is a journey. For many Christians, that journey involves a life change as they seek to follow God’s will for their lives. For Pastor Kewen Dong, that journey of following God would ... READ MORE

South Roanoke association pursues relevance

September 6, 2016 by Dianna L. Cagle, BR Production Editor
South Roanoke Baptist Association keeps pursuing its mission and vision statement. Even though there was a leadership change in 2014, the drive to ...

DR volunteer dies while serving in Louisiana

September 6, 2016 by The Alabama Baptist staff
Working as part of his church’s disaster relief team, Sonny Ellis died while doing what he did best – serving people. “He was showing the people of Denham Springs ...

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Allan Blume
K. Allan Blume
BR Editor

15th anniversary of 9/11 

This Sunday is the 15th anniversary of the ruthless, calculated attack on America by Osama Ben Laden’s Islamic terrorists. What is your church doing Sunday to remember this horrible time in human history? Innocent victims died because evil men believed the hate in their hearts could only be satisfied by killing other people. That is a clear example of how sin perverts the soul and warps the mind.

This anniversary is the perfect time to pray for the salvation of all men and women around the world. It is a time to pray for America to wake up to our own human depravity. Former Southern Baptist Convention president Ronnie Floyd wrote a call to prayer on his blog last week that calls for churches to reserve time for a special prayer during the morning worship services. He said, "The vast majority of churches in America give more time in their worship services to promoting their next event than they give to practicing prayer." Sadly, he’s probably right. We spend too much time asking the God Who is with us to "Be with us." We focus more on "thinking" about others instead of praying for others. Watered down praying will not change America or the world.

Read the story on BRnow.org that includes the testimony of Thomas White, now the president of Cedarville University, who was a student at Southeastern Seminary on September 11, 2001. He served as a volunteer to minister in the middle of this crisis and shares his story. N.C. pastor Paul Hooker and lay leader Skip Greene served Pentagon relief workers, also. Click here to read their stories.

Pray for America! Pray for the nations! Pray for repentance and brokenness to overcome us.

The Recorder continues to tell the stories of God’s work in local Baptist associations. This week read about the ministries in South Roanoke Association. Share with us what is happening in your association!

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Congratulations to former Biblical Recorder managing editor, Shawn Hendricks, who has been named editor of Baptist Press. Read the story here.

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