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June 26, 2019

Some states expand abortion rights

June 25 2019 by Tom Strode, Baptist Press
Pro-choice legislatures and governors in at least four states have responded to the wave of pro-life state laws this year with expansions of abortion rights.

What’s the link between worship and discipleship?

June 24 2019 by BSC Communications 
Mike Harland serves as the director of worship at LifeWay Christian Resources. He will provide equipping and encouragement for the Renewing Worship Expo, Aug. 2-3 in Advance, N.C. READ MORE

Sudan Christians fearful amid deadly revolution

June 24 2019 by Diana Chandler, Baptist Press 
Persecuted Christians in Sudan are discouraged and fearful after the military massacre of protesters seeking civilian rule that, amid Sharia law, could protect religious freedom. READ MORE

Ben Mandrell nominated to lead LifeWay

June 21 2019 by Biblical Recorder Staff 
The presidential search team for LifeWay Christian Resources announced that it is recommending Ben Mandrell as the new president and CEO.

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Allan Blume
Seth Brown
Executive Editor

Hope and lament for preborn children

The lead story in this week’s BRweekly covers some unfortunate developments related to abortion in multiple states. Pro-choice advocates can see the recent legislative and judicial advances made by pro-life efforts, and they are fighting back. But we have hope, even as we lament the bad news.

We can celebrate that the pro-life cause is advancing, and we should expect opposition from pro-choice advocates as policies that protect preborn children multiply across the nation.

Some state and federal legislators on the left are pushing for unrestricted access to abortion, an unconscionable position that would have been unthinkable to many Americans in decades past. Although we celebrate each and every pro-life advance, we cannot slow down. Now, more than ever, is the time to advocate for preborn children made in the image of God.

In April, I moderated a panel discussion on common myths associated with pro-life advocacy and abortion. One of the questions I posed to panelists addressed a misconception that pro-life efforts would come to an end if the Supreme Court’s infamous Roe v. Wade decision were overturned. I’ll leave you with the encouraging and challenging answer offered by Dan Darling, vice president of communications for the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission:

“If Roe v. Wade were overturned tomorrow, that’s not the end of the pro-life movement, it’s the beginning.” 

The fight “goes back to the states,”  Darling said. “What you’re seeing right now is actually an acknowledgement by both sides that there’s a chance it could happen with a more conservative leaning court.” 

Praise God that we inch ever closer toward the opportunity to undo such an immoral decision. And may the Lord give wisdom, courage and strength to all those who use their voice for the voiceless.

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