‘Jumping genes’ further debunk evolution

March 24 2017 by Julie Borg

A discovery by Swiss scientists assigns a purpose to previously misunderstood portions of human DNA and evidences the work of complex, precise design in the universe. Within the human body are millions of mysterious little pieces of genetic material called jumping genes. For a long time, scientists considered these little hoppers to be useless bits of junk DNA.

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Africa drought victims ‘family’ to Kentucky volunteer

March 24 2017 by Diana Chandler, Baptist Press

Residents of drought-stricken Lesotho, Africa, became like family to 64-year-old Karen Smith of Shepherdsville, Ky., the first time she took them food. “You go with expectations of doing a job and it quickly becomes more than a job. It becomes personal,” Smith, volunteer feeding coordinator for the Kentucky Baptist Convention, said.

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What’s driving Muslim refugees to Christianity?

March 24 2017 by Julia A. Seymour

Hundreds of Muslim refugees have converted to Christianity across Europe in recent years but motives vary. In Austria, the rolls of Catholic churches swelled with Muslim immigrants, leading to new guidelines for baptism to ensure sincere faith. Churches in Lebanon, Germany and England also report growing numbers of Muslim refugee converts.

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Humanitarian emergency: Africa’s famine & drought

March 23 2017 by Diana Chandler, Baptist Press

Hunger and thirst often prevent members of Kamakowa Baptist Church in Kimusu, Kenya from attending worship, pastor Tom Ogalo Ngoya said in an appeal for aid to the country where drought is a national disaster. “It’s [disheartening] to watch your children beg for water and food,” Ngoya stated in an email.

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U.S. needs to act on IS genocide, critics say

March 22 2017 by Tom Strode, Baptist Press

The United States finally needs to act in keeping with its designation a year ago that the Islamic State’s murderous campaign against Christians and other minorities in the Middle East is genocide. The calls for action came on the occasion of the first anniversary of then-Secretary of State John Kerry’s classification of ISIS’ atrocities as genocide.

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‘Bubbling’ strategy sees five Christians grow to 10,000

March 16 2017 by Katherine Chute, Gateway Seminary

Dan serves in an area of Southeast Asia where “nobody had been and nobody wanted to go.” “During appointment week, I learned I was not allowed to go to that location,” he said. He eventually was told he could go there if he wanted, but there would be no help.

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Religious liberty in China ‘rapidly deteriorating’

March 16 2017 by Tom Strode, Baptist Press

The persecution of Christians in China has increased, and is expected to continue to do so, as a result of a dramatic policy change by the communist government, according to the human rights organization China Aid. Chinese President Xi Jinping signaled the change when he stressed the significance of religions “persistently following the path of Sinicization.”

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‘JESUS’ film, at 1,500 languages, reaches millions

March 15 2017 by Grace Thornton, Baptist Press

For one morning a week for quite some time, both women had been nothing but consistent. Riah* had been faithfully working to help keep up the home of Yvonne Cantwell*, a missionary in Southeast Asia. And Cantwell had been faithfully sharing the gospel and Bible stories with her as they built a relationship. ...

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Houston man pleads for wife detained in China

March 14 2017 by June Cheng, WORLD News Service

For the past two years, Texan Sandy Phan-Gillis, a naturalized U.S. citizen, has endured torture and imprisonment without trial in China, for unsubstantiated spying charges. Despite media campaigns and help from the U.S. State Department, Phan-Gillis remains in captivity, and the Chinese government has not suffered any consequences.

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Christian sites destroyed in Iran

March 14 2017 by Julia A. Seymour, WORLD News Service

Muslim extremists have damaged historic churches in recent years without any response from international groups, a Christian news outlet in Iran says. Many of the roughly 500 registered church buildings are abandoned or “on the verge of destruction.” Iran Press Watch reported security forces have often closed, relocated and damaged their cemeteries.

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