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Place a Classified Ad in the print edition of the Biblical Recorder:

The classified section of the print edition features available ministry positions and items for sale. Classified advertising is sold by the word. The rate for North Carolina Baptist churches and organizations is $1.25 per word. The rate for non-Baptist entities is $1.45 per word. There is a $35 minimum.  Price is for one run in one issue unless additional issues are requested. Stand-alone initials count as a word. For example, "S.B.C.” would count as three words while "SBC" would count as one. 

Classified ads in the print edition will be posted at no additional charge on the Biblical Recorder website,, where they will run for the same length of time as the printed ads.

Classified ads – Web site only:

$35 Up to 50 words per month
$70 51-100 words per month
$105 101-150 words per month

Choose one of three avenues to contact us:

    1. Send e-mail to:
    2. Send a Fax to (919) 467-6180
    3. Submit the below form online

For assistance or more information call Alison McKinney at (919) 459-5691


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