• ‘Hands On’ student workers show God’s love to refugees

    August 20 2015 by Evelyn Adamson, IMB Connections | with 0 comments
    ‘Hands On’ student workers show God’s love to refugees

    It has been several months since three Hands On student workers were sent from their home church in Alabama, to serve Syrian refugee families for up to six months. In their city alone, refugee numbers steadily rise as the war rages inside Syria. An estimated 4 million refugees have fled the country ...

  • Students find missions calling with Lottie help

    December 8 2008 by Shawn Hendricks, International Mission Board | with 0 comments

    Ben Geller was one of more than 40 student missionaries who participated last spring in the International Mission Board’s Hands On program. A portion of the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and the Cooperative Program helped the Hands On students offset some of the costs of food, lodging and transportation.