• NOBTS celebrates redemption on 10th Katrina anniversary

    August 26 2015 by Gary D. Myers, NOBTS Public Relations | with 0 comments
    NOBTS celebrates redemption on 10th Katrina anniversary

    The story of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary’s Katrina decade is immersed in grace and redemption and punctuated by hope. On the tenth anniversary of the storm, the seminary community is counting blessings rather than losses and leaning into the future with anticipation. “Here we are 10 years later ...

  • Katrina: The Gulfport story

    August 11 2015 by K. Allan Blume & Seth Brown, BR staff | with 0 comments
    Katrina: The Gulfport story

    Ten years after the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, Chuck Register, executive leader of church planting and missions partnerships for the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, said that it changed not only lives and landscape but also his entire philosophy of ministry. “What the storm helped me to understand ...

  • Huge disaster a ‘defining moment’

    August 11 2015 by Dianna L. Cagle, BR Production Editor | with 0 comments
    Huge disaster a ‘defining moment’

    The executive director of North Carolina Baptist Men (NCBM; also known as Baptists on Mission) remembers Hurricane Katrina as a “defining moment” for NCBM. Before the hurricane even hit land, more than 80 volunteers along with supplies gathered in Meridian, Miss., to wait and within a week, N.C. volunteers were serving ...

  • ‘Neglected neighbors’ find hope as church meets hunger needs

    Victor is one of thousands of people left homeless and hungry after Hurricane Katrina stormed through New Orleans in 2005. The trauma drove Victor to become significantly dependent on alcohol. He began to seek help from a feeding ministry at Gentilly Lowe’s, a neighborhood in Louisiana that was severely damaged by Katrina.

  • DHL layoffs devastate town

    January 28 2009 by Erin Roach, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    In Wilmington, Ohio, a town of 12,000 people where 8,000 had been employed by DHL, a series of extensive layoffs at the shipping company have left the community experiencing what has been called the trauma of Hurricane Katrina without the physical damage.

  • N.C. Baptists, other faiths ‘leading force’

    October 15 2008 by Dianna L. Cagle, BR Assistant. Managing Editor | with 0 comments

    The study, “Faith in the Gulf: Lessons from the Religious Response to Hurricane Katrina,” was compiled by the Institute for Southern Studies, based in Durham. It called faith groups like Baptists on Mission  a “leading force” in recovery efforts.

  • Louisiana church forced to rebuild — again

    October 14 2008 by Earl Hodges, Religion News Service | with 0 comments

    In the past three years, Memorial Baptist Church has absorbed a series of hard punches from Hurricanes Katrina, Gustav and Ike, but the congregation and its pastor refuse to give up. "Hard times bring people together, and we have a strong unity that only God can provide," Jackie Gestes said. "And we are going to come back better than ever."