• ‘Insider Movements’ in Muslim missions critiqued

    June 29 2018 by Andrew J.W. Smith, SBTS | with 1 comments
    ‘Insider Movements’ in Muslim missions critiqued

    A new book edited by two Islamic studies seminary professors explores the weaknesses of the popular “Insider Movements” in Muslim missiology. “Muslim Conversions to Christ: A Critique of Insider Movements in Islamic Contexts,” which released last week, is an academic response to a missiological approach that argues Muslims can confess Jesus as Lord and remain Muslim.

  • ‘Insider Movements’ book called ‘dangerous’

    January 6 2016 by S. Craig Sanders, SBTS | with 0 comments
    ‘Insider Movements’ book called ‘dangerous’

    Eight Southern Baptist missiologists published a lengthy rejoinder Jan. 5 to a recent book advocating the controversial Insider Movements, calling its views “theologically dangerous.” The book’s authors claim converts to Christianity can continue identifying with their previous religious community while following Jesus.