• Motherless, designer baby specter increases

    Two developing reproductive technologies – one that could facilitate motherless babies and another that could open the door to so-called designer babies – have drawn warnings from Christian ethicists. Both experiments have troubling ethical implications, Union University bioethicist C. Ben Mitchell said.

  • ‘Brexit’ vote draws response from Baptist analysts

    June 28 2016 by David Roach, Baptist Press | with 0 comments
    ‘Brexit’ vote draws response from Baptist analysts

    Though the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the European Union took many political observers by surprise, leaders at GuideStone Financial Resources and the Southern Baptist Foundation say they’ve had the referendum in view for months and have taken steps to protect Southern Baptist investors from the resultant market volatility.

  • Love God by loving others, NAAF symposium urges

    March 11 2016 by Diana Chandler, Baptist Press | with 1 comments
    Love God by loving others, NAAF symposium urges

    A cross-cultural group of Southern Baptist pastors and denominational leaders received spiritual edification and practical knowledge about racial reconciliation, politics and personal holiness at the National African American Fellowship’s Kingdom Symposium in Memphis, Tenn. The March 2 meeting at Kingdom Center Ministries sought to encourage pastors and leaders in personal holiness and ...