• ‘Stubborn’ 94-year-old volunteer won’t quit

    June 5 2015 by Paige Turner, IMB Connections | with 0 comments
    ‘Stubborn’ 94-year-old volunteer won’t quit

    At age 94, Lorena Mayhugh is a volunteer English teacher in Thailand, where she builds relationships and shares the gospel. When asked why she left her son and grandchildren in California, Mayhugh tells them she’s a Christian, and God told her to come to Thailand.

  • 91-year-old in Thailand: ‘God sent me here’

    August 20 2013 by Marie Curtis, Baptist Press | with 0 comments
    91-year-old in Thailand: ‘God sent me here’

    Lorena Mayhugh’s small classroom in Bangkok, Thailand, smells of tacos. She is teaching English to her adult students while incorporating Mexican cooking lessons.