• 11-year-old tithes on steer winnings of $106K

    January 25 2013 by Dana Williamson, Baptist Press | with 0 comments
    11-year-old tithes on steer winnings of $106K

    “If we didn’t stop him, he’d give away all the money he has,” Stacey Bonham said of her 11-year-old son, Baylor. And that would be a significant amount, since Baylor deposited $106,000 in his bank account after showing his prize steer, Stripe.

  • A little hunger fund money goes a long way

    October 3 2012 by Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    It doesn’t take a lot of money to make a difference for hungry people in North America. For example: $20 provides five children food for a week at the GUM Drop backpack ministry in southern Illinois.

  • Atheist shocked when church helps with bills

    April 3 2012 by Sharayah Colter/Southern Baptist TEXAN | with 1 comments
    Atheist shocked when church helps with bills

    The man who threatened to sue a Texas county for placing a nativity scene on the courthouse lawn has had a shift in perspective, dropped the lawsuit and now plans to move to the county with his wife and cat.

  • Are there curses for those who take on debt?

    January 21 2009 by Dianna L. Cagle, BR Assistant Managing Editor | with 0 comments

    Although credit card debt and loans are part of everyday vernacular in today’s society, scripture sometimes had harsh words for those who borrowed money. “Scripture is very clear that debt can be enslaving and that the borrower is the servant to the lender,” said Russell Woodbridge, a professor at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest.

  • Special: Personal financial health

    December 31 2008 by BR staff | with 0 comments

    The Jan. 3 issue of the Biblical Recorder offers a look at some of the issues, and, perhaps, offers some handles for you. Stories from this issue will begin to be posted Jan. 2. Please check our web site in the following days to improve your financial health in 2009.