• About those shepherds ...

    December 27 2012 by Stephen Douglas Wilson, Baptist Press | with 0 comments
    About those shepherds ...

    The account of the shepherds in Luke’s nativity passage (Luke 2:8-20) continues to fascinate modern readers. Receiving an angelic message that the Messiah was born in nearby Bethlehem, these shepherds left their closely guarded flocks of sheep to seek the good news themselves.

  • Nativity projects point to Jesus

    December 3 2012 by Laura M. Reid, BR Editorial Aide | with 0 comments
    Nativity projects point to Jesus

    The message of Christmas is often overshadowed. It goes unnoticed by the growing number of people who celebrate the holiday for reasons other than for Christ. More and more businesses and public places avoid displaying any signs of religious affiliation when they decorate. Some North Carolina Baptists are taking more intentional steps to display nativity scenes as a way to share the true meaning of Christmas.