• Atheist responds to Baptists’ service & love

    August 1 2016 by Sabrina McDonald, Arkansas Baptist News | with 0 comments
    Atheist responds to Baptists’ service & love

    Kim Menon was an avowed atheist. A kindergarten teacher in Seattle, education is a central part of Menon’s life. Striving to get involved in her students’ lives and to know their parents, she believes that’s how students best learn and grow. But Menon had no idea this path would lead her into a Christian commitment.

  • ‘A lot of hurt’ in Seattle meets with church planter’s vision

    Crazy. Not the first description that comes to mind for church planting, but for Keith and Kristine Carpenter the word comes up often. The couple, married 21 years, moved to Seattle three years ago to help launch Epic Life Church.