• Missionaries help Japan’s homeless find hope

    November 30 2011 by Tess Rivers | with 0 comments
    Missionaries help Japan’s homeless find hope

    TOKYO (BP) – As the sun rises over Japan, millions rise early to head to work. An intricate system of commuter trains and subways moves countless men and women from the comfort of their homes to a skyscraper in Tokyo or a factory in neighboring Nagoya. Together, the two cities represent the business and manufacturing facets of the country’s economy.

  • ‘Yellow shirts’ give Japan’s quake/tsunami survivors hope

    TOHOKU, Japan (BP) – Everything changed on March 11 for Eiko Tanno. It was the day a 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit the northeastern coast of Japan – the day she lost hope. Tanno was working in her home office when the ground started shaking and shimmying. She ran outside and huddled with her neighbors.