• ‘Pick a card’ segues to gospel

    October 10 2013 by Susie Rain, Baptist Press | with 0 comments
    ‘Pick a card’ segues to gospel

    Missionaries in East Asia create an evangelism tool by hand-drawing pictures on 104 playing cards. The cards, used to fascilitate Bible storying, have been adopted into 5,000 churches throughout East Asia.

  • Should Christians use credit cards?

    January 21 2009 by Howard Dayton, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    Is it wrong for Christians to use credit cards? No. Credit and credit cards do not cause financial problems. It is the misuse of credit and credit cards that create financial problems. Through discipline, any consumer can enjoy the convenience of credit cards without falling into the debt trap often associated with the use of credit cards.

  • Chowan teaches danger of credit card abuse

    January 19 2009 by Joshua Barker, Chowan University News | with 0 comments

    While some students are earning class credit, others are ruining their financial credit, so Chowan University is educating students to the dangers of credit card abuse. After seeing the documentary film “Maxed Out” students learned the extreme horrors of credit card debt.