• Church builds, renovates, buys debt-free

    January 21 2009 by Dianna L. Cagle, BR Asst. Managing Editor | with 0 comments

    For more than 20 years Tar Landing Baptist Church in Jacksonville has been buying, renovating and building debt-free.
    The church’s last loan was taken out in 1974 and paid in 1984. “That was the last time the church borrowed money,” Jack Marshburn said.

  • Biblical money principles blaze easier path

    January 2 2009 by Norman Jameson, BR Editor | with 0 comments

    Worry-free living is one of the benefits of following biblical principles of personal finance, according to Pedro Rosario and others like him who preach that message. It’s a message unheard by the vast majority of Americans — and Christians — whose need for more, bigger, faster has been the engine driving the economy to collapse.

  • Five steps to break the shackles of debt

    January 2 2009 by Howard Dayton, Baptist Press | with 0 comments

    The importance of being debt-free seems to have been grabbing everyone’s attention. Many Christians who have been ignoring God’s financial principles want to get back on track with Him. So, let’s look at some steps to help.