N.C. couple shares calling at IMB appointment service
    April 11 2012 by Laura Fielding & BR staff

    (EDITOR’S NOTE – The Biblical Recorder ran the original story March 27 at BRnow.org. This gives a glimpse into a N.C. couple answering the call.)
    At least one North Carolina couple thought they had it all figured out. In recent years their family had traveled on multiple mission trips to South America. They became familiar with the language and the culture. Their desire to become missionaries in that part of the world seemed natural, easy and to be a good fit.
    But God had other plans for Walter and Joy Kingman* and their two boys, – ages 12 and 6 – who are all from the western part of the state.
    The couple was among 61 newly appointed IMB (International Mission Board) missionaries honored March 21, during a service at Trinity Baptist Church in Lake Charles, La.
    That evening the couple shared how God called them to serve in South Asia, far from where Spanish is the dominant language.
    Though South America seemed more “comfortable” to them, the Kingmans believe God has something more challenging in mind.

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    IMB President Tom Elliff spoke about the necessity of Jesus’ death on the cross and the responsibility of all believers to share the Good News during the invitation at a missionary appointment service in Lake Charles, La.

    “It’s the greatest concentration of lostness,” Walter says of South Asia. “It has more unreached people groups than anywhere else. God really turned our hearts.”
    In 2006, Walter went on a volunteer trip with N.C. Baptist Men’s disaster relief ministry to Sri Lanka, where a tsunami claimed the lives of more than 36,000 people. “It’s there that I really got my calling,” he said, acknowledging it won’t be easy.
    “We’re going to have to learn a language that is very hard,” he added.
    “It’s going to be hot, and it’s going to be a different culture. It’s one of those things where God is saying, ‘I’m calling you somewhere you’re going to need me.’”
    The Kingmans will not be the only North Carolinians heading to South Asia.
    Five of six “units” – individual families or single adults – appointed during the service to this region have ties to the state. The new missionaries will begin training April 23 at the International Learning Center in Virginia.
    They will leave families, friends, good careers and a familiar way of life behind them as they follow God’s lead overseas.
    That evening each shared how God led them to that point.
    *Names changed.
    (EDITOR’S NOTE – Laura Fielding is a writer for IMB. BR staff contributed to this story.)
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