India native is LifeWay strategist for Asia
    April 8 2015 by Carol Pipes, LifeWay Christian Resources

    Ashish Thomas beams when talking about the potential in India for LifeWay Christian Resources to serve churches in the burgeoning nation.
    A native of India, Thomas is chief strategist in India and Asia for B&H Publishers, the trade books division of LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention.


    Growing up the son of missionaries from southern India – his father is a doctor, pastor and church planter – Thomas has seen “the impact of the gospel on people’s lives and how it can change an entire village, an entire society.”


    Thomas grew up in the small town of Mussoorie nestled in the Himalayan Mountains. At age 12, he began attending an American boarding school there, which explains how he easily transitions from an Indian to American accent. After college, Thomas worked in the United States and then moved back to India to start his own consulting firm.
    Five years ago, Thomas and his wife Kristin, a Nashville native, moved to Tennessee to spend time with her family and help take care of her father who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Thomas landed a job in B&H Publishing’s mass market department. At the time, the international market was only a small part of its work but now has become an area of great potential, prompting the formation of a LifeWay Global Resources team to serve churches and individuals around the world.
    Thomas and his wife decided a couple of years ago it was time to move back to India with their children Isabella and Zander. He took some time off from LifeWay to get the family settled back in India. Several months ago, he took on the role of strategist.
    “My work so far has been discovering the needs of the church in India, how LifeWay can connect with those needs, and what types of market channels exist,” Thomas said. Ahead: “executing the strategy we’ve set in place.
    “It’s an exciting time to be doing ministry in India,” Thomas said. “The church is exploding. It’s growing like never before.”
    With that growth comes a need to develop leaders and mechanisms for discipleship, Thomas said.
    “One of the biggest opportunities for LifeWay is to put tools in the hands of pastors to help them develop the next generation of leaders and teach them how to do small groups,” Thomas said. “We’re able to do that through books, curriculum, video, software, even worship music.”
    LifeWay already is raising up indigenous voices within the Indian culture – respected authors who can speak to different people groups.
    Trust has already been built around the LifeWay brand, Thomas added. “They recognize we are serious about the Word of God and serious about discipleship.”
    (EDITOR’S NOTE – Carol Pipes is LifeWay Communications’ manager of editorial services at LifeWay Christian Resources. This article first appeared in LifeWay’s employee magazine LifeLines.)

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