BSC launches 2008 NCMO initiative, website
    August 7 2008 by BSC Communications

    The eternal impact of mission giving is being highlighted in the 2008 North Carolina Missions Offering, received by most churches in September.

    A new Website has been launched as a comprehensive resource including videos, prayer guide for the NCMO Week of Prayer (Sept. 7-14, 2008) and a Bible curriculum for children for use in small groups or Sunday School classes.

    “We want to help children understand very early in their lives the impact of God’s Word and its outgrowth of giving through His church, and this guide is a first class effort by so many to do just that,” said Mike Creswell, Baptist State Convention senior consultant for Cooperative Program and NCMO promotion.

    Resources have been mailed to North Carolina Baptist churches. For further questions call (800) 395-5102, ext. 5547.

    The NCMO funds North Carolina church planting, ministries and partnerships with a 2008 goal of $2 million. Among them, is the work of North Carolina Baptist Men in disaster relief, mission outreach and partnerships. 

    “The NCMO keeps us moving and growing,” said Richard Brunson, Baptist Men’s executive director-treasurer.  “Without this support from North Carolina Baptist churches, we could not continue our ministry with the same ever-expanding focus which we now employ in our work.  North Carolina Baptists should consider the NCMO the lifeblood for our ministry.”

    In North Carolina’s rapidly growing population church planting is a critical component in the evangelism strategy of many congregations and of the Baptist State Convention.

    “To effectively congregationalize new believers is not only a command of the Lord Jesus Christ, but we are finding that the assistance we provide to existing congregations to develop a church-planting mentality actually helps renew churches in their Great Commission task of reaching their world for Christ,” said Mark Gray, BSCNC team leader for church planting.

    “Alongside the Cooperative Program and the national mission offerings of the Southern Baptist Convention, the NCMO stands as a vital source of intentional engagement with the culture of our state,” said Creswell.

    “The genius of the Cooperative Program and the NCMO is the multiplication factor which brings together churches from different regions of the state and forms a gospel alliance to accomplish together what they could never do alone.” 

    “And not only that,” said Milton A. Hollifield, Jr., BSCNC executive director-treasurer, “it provides the means whereby this state convention can expand and develop new ways of accomplishing eternal goals through a systematic method of research and development that many other denominations do not possess.” 

    “Our focus as North Carolina Baptists remains centered on the solid foundation of the gospel of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible,” Hollifield said. “But our providential advantage as a convention of churches is the strength we hold together as we learn from one another, grow together, and have the monetary means to actually reach out in new ways of church planting, new associational partnerships, and attempt new projects without the fear of compromising the solid stability that has come to exemplify North Carolina Baptists. The North Carolina Missions Offering helps us to do just that to the glory of the Lord.”

    The theme of the 2008 offering is:  Eternal Impact:  Impacted by Eternal Truth – Impacting for Eternal Change.  “This theme stresses our hope as grounded on Scripture – the eternal truth of God,” Creswell said.  “It both focuses our attention on the never-changing Word of God and challenges us again to reach out in ways which would impact our time with eternal truth.”

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