S.S. shares gospel with ZIP code
    August 17 2009 by John Hall, Texas Baptist Communications

    DALLAS — Thanks to a Sunday School class, more than 18,700 homes will hear about the hope of Christ in the coming months.

    A men’s Bible study class at Park Cities Baptist Church recently raised $23,550 for Texas Hope 2010, a Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT) initiative to share the gospel with every Texan by Easter 2010.

    The funds will be used to mail a multimedia compact disc to every household in a ZIP code that is home to many of the people who attend the church’s Spanish service.

    The multimedia CD is a key tool in the convention’s strategy to share the gospel across the state.

    A men’s Sunday School class at Park Cities Baptist Church in Dallas recently raised more than $23,000 for Texas Hope 2010, enough money to put an evangelistic multimedia CD in every household in a ZIP code that is home to many of the people who attend the church’s Spanish service.

    The BGCT is aiming to place scripture in all 8.8 million Texas homes by Easter 2010. The multimedia CD contains Bible passages and gospel presentations and enables users to download the New Testament in more than 350 languages.

    Class member David Hudson said he hopes the class’ effort will strengthen the congregation’s outreach in the community, growing its Spanish ministry. The men’s class has been involved in numerous projects through the years with the church’s Amigos de Dios worship service, including an annual sports camp that will take place again this summer.

    The connection between the service and the class, which averages 30 each week, helped encourage class members to give, Hudson said. They hope the CDs empower more people to come to know Christ and become involved in the service. Service leaders will be involved in following-up on the CD distribution in order to make it as effective as possible.

    “I would like to see more of their neighbors active here and elsewhere,” Hudson said.

    BGCT Executive Director Randel Everett thanked the class for the gift and praised its commitment to sharing the gospel in its community. He prays people will come to know Christ through the CDs.

    “What you have done is inspirational,” Everett said. “For a class of this size to raise $23,000 is amazing.”

    The men’s class takes on a variety of projects, having served and helped support mission work in numerous places around the globe, but Texas Hope 2010 and the CD distribution in particular enabled the group to be part of an effort that would make an impact locally.

    “This class got so excited, several people asked to hold it open a bit longer,” Hudson said. The class extended its original giving timetable so people could give additional funds.

    Hudson urged other Sunday school classes across the state to adopt a nearby group for which they can by multimedia gospel CDs.

    “I think people give to a cause they can relate to,” he said. “Our class can relate to this service. We’re involved in this community project. If you’re a small rural church, adopt your county. If you’re in an urban center, adopt a neighborhood.”

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