Miss. River Ministry seeks to impact lives
    August 23 2011 by Savannah Cyree

    In January, Mississippi River Ministry (MRM) announced their newest regional coordinators, George and Cathy Chinn. For the past several months, the two have traveled and established relationships within the ministry’s eight state region. MRM serves to impact lostness by ministering to those in poverty and connecting them with churches.

    “There is a great need out there,” said George Chinn. “We find that there is not only a large percent of lostness in poverty, but a lot of lostness in general.”

    The Chinns say only God alone could qualify them for such a task. With a heart for missions and having collectively been involved in more than 30 international missions trips and countless domestic efforts, they believe their commitment to missions and sincerity comes through. The couple has spent the last several months using that sincerity while familiarizing themselves with the regions MRM serves, which spans from Iowa to Louisiana.

    George and Cathy Chinn are the newest regional coordinators for Mississippi River Ministry.

    “If there is one thing we’ve learned,” Cathy Chinn said, “there are a lot of really committed people out there.”

    George Chinn tells of a church which planted a seven-acre garden that distributes food to local ministries. Currently, half of the garden is open to the general public to work so that those affected by poverty have a source for fresh food. The garden has provided nourishment to a community along with celebrations of marriages and salvations.

    During their travels, the couple also learned of a local farmer in one region who refurbishes bicycles to give away to children so they may have one growing up. “It’s just pretty amazing how God works through some of these people,” Cathy Chinn shared.

    As coordinators for MRM, the Chinns hope to get church and associations more involved. Many living within the 196 counties served by MRM suffer from inadequate health care. The area has the highest infant mortality rate in the United States and the lowest ratio of doctors and nurses per 1,000 of the population.

    Founded more than 20 years ago, MRM is a Southern Baptist ministry in partnership with the region’s eight Baptist state conventions, the North American Mission Board, and national WMU. The ministry focuses on responding to the physical and spiritual needs of those impacted by poverty along the Mississippi River. MRM seeks to evangelize, strengthen existing churches and start new churches.

    The Chinns will continue their travels as they encourage those in MRM’s region. They hope to see a greater number of volunteers in the region and to have opportunities to share the stories, needs, and callings of missionaries with churches and associations to help them be more missions-minded.

    George and Cathy Chinn welcome invitations from any church or state convention to share about MRM.

    George Chinn
    (270) 256-1451

    Cathy Chinn
    (270) 298-7570

    (EDITOR’S NOTE – Savannah Cyree, a senior at Samford University in Birmingham, Ala., is working this summer as an intern at national WMU. She will graduate in the spring with a degree in English.)
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