N.C. chaplain creates Bible board games
    August 16 2011 by Laura Moore, BR Editorial Aide

    Embarking on an Old Testament adventure has never been easier than playing one of Doug Baltzegar’s board games.

    Retired corporate chaplain Doug Baltzegar is the mastermind behind three Bible story based games geared towards children.

    The board games focus on the Old Testament stories of Joseph, rebuilding the Jerusalem wall in Nehemiah, and the Exodus out of Egypt.

    Doug Baltzegar hopes his board games teach children and adults biblical and moral lessons. The board game above is based on the story of Joseph in Genesis. Baltzegar has players move around the board reading scripture and drawing from a stack of cards that move players.

    “They’re called edu-tainment games,” Baltzegar said emphasizing that they are both fun and educational for children.

    “I try to include a little humor and make them biblically accurate,” he said.

    In “The Life of Joseph” game, players walk through Joseph’s journey with him as he goes from a slave to a ruler in Egypt. “The Joseph game is really a game about forgiveness,” Baltzegar said as he talked about how the board games offer children an opportunity to learn biblical lessons and principals while also learning Old Testament history.

    The games are for age six and up involving both corporate and individual moves, and some cards require players to read scripture passages.

    A member of First Baptist Church, Lowell, Baltzegar also taught religion courses such as Old and New Testament at Gaston College.

    His creations have enabled him to combine his passions for Old Testament history and games.

    The board games were field tested on students at Gaston Christian schools.

    Baltzegar said, “All three games are copyrighted and protected by law,” which is a huge accomplishment for the small business owner who started Me2Games, LLC, in 2010 to sell his Bible based games. Already, the games are in at least four states after only selling for about a year.

    Priced between $16.99 and $18.99, several stores are selling the board games in the Gastonia area.

    The games can also be purchased at Me2games.com.
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