Rock Spring prefers Kerr Lake baptisms
    August 6 2013 by BSC Communications

    It was a hot July Sunday as members of Rock Spring Baptist Church gathered along the shore of Kerr Lake near Henderson.
    Pastor Gary Brummitt led the congregation in prayer and a meditation on the meaning of baptism.

    Then he led seven new believers into Kerr Lake to be baptized.
    Rock Spring layman Bill O’Mary stood beside Brummitt to help.
    Fishermen in boats watched the service as Brummitt affirmed each candidate’s faith in Christ and then baptized one after the other.

    BSC photo by Mike Creswell
    Margot Hunter, center, a native of Germany, celebrates her baptism. Pastor Gary Brummitt and Rock Spring Baptist Church layman Bill O’Mary help with the special July 7 service the church held at Kerr Lake. The Henderson church, while having a new facility, does not have a baptistry.

    Earlier the morning of July 7 the church met at the usual time in their building a couple of miles away and held an abbreviated worship service focused on Rock Spring’s partnership with other Baptists through the Cooperative Program.
    After the lakeside baptismal service, they returned to the church for lunch. “I really think the lakeside services are so inspiring.  It makes for a great sanctuary.”
    Though Rock Spring has a well-equipped, modern building, there is no baptistery, he said, and he is content not to have one.
    They have baptized in other nearby churches at times, but prefer to baptize in the lake when the weather is appropriate.
    Though Rock Spring’s location is rural, just a few miles from the Virginia state line, the lake attracts new residents into the area. Brummitt said Rock Spring is committed to reaching as many as possible.
    “It is so gratifying to see those whose lives are changed by the gospel and trusting a God who is obviously still in control and offering salvation and a meaningful life.” 
    They have succeeded; the sanctuary has few empty seats on Sunday mornings.

    He said they started a new member orientation class over the past few years because so many new members come from non-Baptist backgrounds.
    Explaining the meaning of baptism and other aspects of faith and the SBC doctrines and practice have become much more important in recent years, he said.   
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