Campers pack 2 millionth meal for Haiti
    August 21 2018 by Chad Austin, BSC Communications

    Nine years ago, Merrie Johnson sat in the corner of Hatch Auditorium at the North Carolina Baptist Assembly at Fort Caswell praying that God would show her how she could incorporate a missions component to summer Youth Weeks.

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    This summer, Youth Weeks participants packed the two millionth meal to distribute in Haiti.

    Johnson, senior consultant for youth evangelism and discipleship with the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, had already been directing summer youth weeks for a number of years, but she felt that middle and high school students attending camp each summer on the shores of Oak Island could have an impact in another part of the world.
    Through a series of events that only God could orchestrate, Johnson connected with a missionary and through a ministry partnership, campers began packing meals that have now been sent to Haiti for the past eight summers.
    In 2018, Johnson, her staff and attendees at summer youth weeks surpassed a major milestone since the ministry began in 2011 – the packaging of the two millionth meal that will be delivered to Haiti later this year.
    Johnson says the results have been more than she could have imagined, but not more than she knew God could accomplish.
    “I said from the beginning if this is what God wants to do, it will all work out,” Johnson said.
    Working with Fenel Bruna, a native Haitian missionary, meals packed during youth weeks are delivered to Jacmel, Haiti, and distributed to children living at the House of Abraham, an orphan care ministry that Bruna helps operate. The ministry has now expanded into three nearby villages, local hospitals and two local Haitian schools.
    The meals are not only helping address physical hunger. As each meal is distributed, the gospel is shared.
    And during a recent trip to Haiti, Johnson got to see and experience firsthand how God is moving and doing more than she could imagine when campers first started packing and sending meals.
    “A principal at one of the schools told me, ‘We have seen a rise in the test scores over these years that we believe are a direct result of the nourishment the students are receiving that is helping them pay attention and learn more,’” Johnson said. “She said, ‘This will make Haiti a stronger nation.’”

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Judy Haselhoef
NOOOOOOOOO! We reward and complement people who THINK they are helping Haiti with their Christian efforts. In reality, the North Carolina Baptist Assembly is undermining the economy of Haiti. By using American food, packed and shipped to help Haitians, the rice farmers and other local industries are undercut by FREE. It would be far better for the Assembly to raise funds and send that money to Haiti where Haitian goods could be bought and assembled to help feed the poor. Additionally, Haitians could be paid to do the work providing them with an income and not establishing another entitlement project. We Americans need to think about consequences and not just believe God's will is accomplished by unthoughtful largese.
8/22/2018 8:55:43 AM

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