Day 1 — Lottie Moon prayer guide
    December 1 2008 by International Mission Board

    Sunday, Nov. 30, 2008
    Fernando and Brenda Larzabal
    Indigenous of Colombia

    From missions field to missionary force — that’s the dream of Fernando and Brenda Larzabal for the South American nation of Colombia.

    “The gospel has been in Colombia for more than 150 years,” Fernando says. “Our problem is that the average Colombian Christian has the perception that missions belongs to somebody else. But missions belongs to the local church.”

    That’s why the Larzabals are working to mobilize Colombian churches for the sake of evangelizing the country’s indigenous tribes.

    Isolated from the gospel by remote locales, social prejudice, and insurgent armies, more than 60 of these tribes have no knowledge of Jesus Christ. Most are animists, spirit-worshippers who live in fear of failing to appease gods they can neither know nor love.

    “Without God there is slavery,” Fernando says. “Without Christ there is fear and that’s what they breathe day in and day out.”

    Pray that more Colombian churches will grasp their Great Commission calling and respond to the indigenous tribes’ need for the gospel. Ask the Lord to give Fernando and Brenda wisdom as they choose where to invest their time and energy.

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Dianna Cagle
Thanks for reading. I hope the addition of the prayer guide along with the photo gallery of pictures and numerous stories we are adding will be of benefit to your church and other churches not only in North Carolina but to our readers around the globe.
12/4/2008 11:49:21 AM

Kevin Clubb
Thank you for the inclusion of this material on the Biblical Recorder site. It is a good reminder for me each day to lift these missionaries up to the Lord and the work He has given them to do. Thanks for being that reminder in my life.
12/2/2008 7:47:57 AM

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