Day 4 — Lottie Moon prayer guide
    December 2 2008 by International Mission Board

    Wednesday, Dec. 3, 2008
    Darrell and Rogene Musick
    Imbabura Quichua of Ecuador

    At 12,000 feet in the Ecuadorian Andes, Quichua farmers bring their sheep, pigs, and cows to former New Mexico ranchers Darrell and Rogene Musick. But they get a lot more than pesticide, medicine, and nutritional advice. Farmers hear the gospel message related through some of life’s most basic elements: water, salt and light.

    “We say, ‘Let me tell you what God thinks about this,’” Darrell says. “And because they’re people of the land, they really identify with these agricultural concepts.”

    Through this gateway, the Musicks and local believers have seen approximately 40 house churches and Bible studies started among the 300,000 Quichua of northern Ecuador. The teams are led by Gabriel Mugmal, a national believer who was once nearly burned to death for sharing his faith.

    “He literally took the Great Commission in Matthew 28, that is was his responsibility to go to other communities and just talk to them,” Darrell says.

    Because you give:

    “The money that supports us comes through churches that may not be able to physically go, but they have God’s blessings through their special offerings,” Darrell says. “One hundred percent of that money goes to the field so that everyone will know about Christ.”

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