This could be your final issue of the Recorder
    December 31 2008 by Norman Jameson, BR Editor

    If you have been receiving the Biblical Recorder without a personal subscription or through a church club plan, you likely have benefited from the generosity of the Baptist State Convention which was providing it because you are a “church leader.” Since 2000 the Recorder provided a page in most issues called Church Leader where the BSC could promote the meetings, events, people and programs through which it serves Convention churches.
    For each of those issues, the BSC added to the Recorder mailing list the names of about 13,000 persons it wanted to be sure received the Recorder and the special promotional information on the Church Leader page.

    In exchange, the BSC and Recorder shared the cost of providing the additional copies. The Recorder was happy to provide the service because we believe it is vital for every North Carolina Baptist to have the information contained in each issue.

    With a decline in Cooperative Program gifts forcing both the BSC and the Recorder to make hard budget decisions, the BSC will no longer share the cost of providing Church Leader and the Recorder cannot bear it alone. So, this is the last issue that will contain a regular Church Leader page.

    Therefore, it is vital — especially for church leaders — to be sure you have a personal subscription or that you are included in your church’s club plan. Call the Recorder office at (919) 459-5692.

    I am also happy to remind you that your Cooperative Program gifts provide operating funds for the Recorder that enable us to provide a subscription to you at a very reasonable rate. An individual subscription is just $15.50 next year and church club plans are even more affordable.

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