WMU-NC sends four teams on mission trips
    December 17 2008 by BR staff

    Woman’s Missionary Union of North Carolina (WMU-NC) sent four mission teams this summer and fall to locations in the U.S. and Mexico.

    Teams went to Tijuana, Mexico; Lake Tahoe, Calif.: Nada, Ky., and Hawaii. The women worked with children in various ministries.

    In some locations, they helped moms gain parenting and social skills. They gave a baby shower for poor women who had never had a baby shower and held a yard sale to provide sheets, towels and blankets for very small sums.

    They did things to establish relationships such as giving manicures to women who had never had one. One group even bought a dumpster for a community that had never had such an efficient, normal way to dump their trash. Local families were astonished that women who did not know them would help in this very practical way.

    Volunteers prayer walked, visited prospects, led Bible studies, shared the gospel and conducted a block party.

    Participants ranged in age from 24 to 82 and represented churches from the coast to the mountains. National and international WMU-NC mission trips are being planned for 2009. The first will be in April to work with Bedouin women in Lebanon.

    For more information contact the WMU office at (866) 210-8602 or e-mail jhigh@wmunc.org.

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