Gray plants church in his own home
    December 15 2010 by Norman Jameson, BR Editor

    Mark Gray doesn’t just lead others to plant churches. He has planted churches himself and is in the middle of planting an “Epoch” church in his own home.

    “We’ll never have the money we need to start all the churches we need in North Carolina,” he said.

    Epoch churches meet in homes. After a fellowship period participants watch a dramatized chapter of the Bible on DVD and then talk about it.

    Conversation is guided by three questions:
    • Light bulb — What light bulbs came on for you tonight? What insights did God give you about Himself and yourself?
    • Question mark — What questions came to your mind that have not occurred before?
    • Arrow — What direction did you gain for your life this week?
    Because there are no salaries or building costs, Gray’s Epoch church gives 99 percent of its income to missions.

    They’ve seen people saved and have adopted a Burmese group to provide English as a Second Language training.

    “Anyone dedicated to God” can start an Epoch church in their home and can receive training.

    Gray’s goal is to mentor future Epoch leaders in this “different and new model.”

    “We’re a full fledged church but our focus is missionary,” said Gray, who called his home church “One of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.”

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