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    December 27 2017 by Biblical Recorder staff

    “Lesson from a generous widow” by H.B. Charles Jr.

    EXCERPT: “This woman did not have twenty dollars to spare. Yet she believed there was a divine call on my life, and she wanted to support me through that love offering. ... Pastors should not be flashy, showing off their affluence. Both within the pulpit and outside of it, we must shun worldliness for the glory of God, the message of the gospel and the members whose freewill offerings pay our salaries.”


    “Baptisms – more than numbers” by Nathan A. Finn

    EXCERPT: “Increasing our number of baptisms isn’t about improving our statistics, or breaking previous records, or reversing recent trends. It’s about reaching men, women and children who are created in God’s image, whom Christ died for, and whom God loves and wants to save.”


    “Labor Day: Your work matters” by Michael Kelley

    EXCERPT: “One of the most practical ways we can seek the good of the community around us is by doing good, hard work that others benefit from. Whether you are teaching a class, collecting garbage or plumbing a toilet, you are one of the means of God for the public welfare. That means your work matters.”


    “Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future” by J.D. Greear

    EXCERPT: “Christians know they need to read the Bible – even if they don’t do it. They know that they should believe certain things about God. But somehow they forget that they’re social creatures, shaped by the people closest to them. ... Our future is shaped less by our dreams and ambitions of what we’ll do for God and more by the company we choose to keep in the present.”


    “Have you ever met a real Magi?” by George Braswell

    EXCERPT: “He poked another piece of sandalwood into the flames, its incense refreshing the air. I felt calm, cool and collected around him. I told him the story of the Jesus I knew who grew up from that manger scene with the Magi and taught such beautiful lessons for the living of our days, the one who was crucified on the cross and was resurrected from the tomb. I told this Magi that I called Jesus Savior and Lord.”

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