Western N.C. ice relief efforts on hold
    February 8 2010 by Dianna L. Cagle, BR Assistant Managing Editor

    Ice storm recovery work in western North Carolina has been on hold since early January.

    Gaylon Moss, disaster relief director for North Carolina Baptist Men, sent out a mass e-mail Jan. 5 alerting workers of the halt in work in Watauga County. The e-mail credited inclement weather with the work stoppage.

    Volunteers faced tough conditions with 30 mph winds and cold temperatures, making it dangerous to do the chainsaw work they had been assigned, said Tom Stroud, coordinator for Region 7 and member of Sandy Springs Baptist Church in Harmony.

    Then, an earthquake struck in Haiti Jan. 12 diverting attention further away from problems at home. And more inclement weather in North Carolina has not helped. A recent front shut down central North Carolina for several days.

    Stroud is waiting for the go-ahead from Moss to tackle the approximately 400 job requests waiting for teams in the Boone area.

    “I’ve been expecting it at any time,” Stroud said, indicating jobs include mainly chainsaw work and clearing brush. “A lot of limbs were broken due to ice.”

    Stroud said 127 volunteers worked during six days and completed 28 jobs in “miserable” conditions. He said he tried to warn volunteers before they came to bundle up to fight the cold and winds.

    “It was a slow go,” Stroud said, with winds blowing up to 35 mph. “Snow was hitting you in the face.”

    Baptist Men was working out of the Samaritan’s Purse office in Boone, and volunteers stayed at Greenway Baptist Church in Boone.

    To volunteer, call (800) 395-5102, ext. 5599, or visit www.ncmissions.org.
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