$100,000 gift to help Fruitland
    February 1 2012 by BR staff

    George Shinn, former owner of the New Orleans/Charlotte Hornets, gave $100,000 to Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute Jan. 26 during a chapel service.

    George Shinn was the speaker at Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute's Jan. 26 chapel service. His $100,000 donation to the school will help with numerous expenses such as promoting Fruitland to prospective students.

    Shinn and his wife, Denise, presented the check to David Horton, Fruitland’s president.
    “George Shinn has helped students at Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute in the 1970s and 80s. We are extremely grateful for the renewed commitment demonstrated by the generous gift from George and Denise Shinn and the TruLight Foundation,” said David B. Horton, Fruitland’s president.
    Shinn established TruLight Foundation in 2011 “to carry out a mission of service to the Lord Jesus Christ and to the people of the world and to promote a healthy and cancer-free lifestyle through nurturing the body, mind and spirit,” according the the foundations’s website: trulightfoundation.com. Shinn, who was the speaker for the chapel service, did not restrict the use of the gift. Horton said the donation will go toward promoting Fruitland to potential students and help with accreditation expenses as well as applying some toward the debt on the chapel, which stands at $930,000.
    “As vice-president of development, J.D. Grant has been instrumental in establishing a tremendous relationship with the Shinns and helping them see the great potential at Fruitland,” Horton said. The Shinns indicated a desire to continue helping Fruitland. 

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