Deadline extended to receive nominations
    February 19 2013 by BSC

    The Committee on Nominations of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (BSC) has extended its deadline to receive recommendations for the Board of Directors and Convention committees until March 13, 2013.
    The Convention’s Committee on Nominations seeks diversity among the recommendations that will represent churches of various sizes, various professional and educational backgrounds, ethnic and racial diversity, geographical areas, different age groups, and lay persons as well as ministers.
    Input from North Carolina Baptists regarding nominations of individuals to serve is essential for the ongoing missions, ministries and evangelistic endeavors of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina.
    BSC bylaws require the following of the Committee on Nominations:
    1. Recommend to the Convention nominees from both small and large churches (under/over 400 members)
    2. Limit churches to no more than six individuals from a single church serving on all Convention boards and committees combined
    3. Limit BSC Board of Director membership so that no more than one member from a church may serve on the Board at a time
    An individual may only serve on a single committee or a single board at one time, whereas in the past individuals could serve in more than one place at one time. Therefore, it is essential for North Carolina Baptists to recommend more individuals to serve on the Board of Directors and Convention committees.
    The Board vacancies are as follows:
    • Region 1                0 Vacancies
    • Region 2                0 Vacancies
    • Region 3                5 Vacancies
    • Region 4                2 Vacancies
    • Region 5                1 Vacancies
    • Region 6                0 Vacancies
    • Region 7                3 Vacancies
    • Region 8                6 Vacancies
    • Region 9                2 Vacancies
    • Region 10             1 Vacancy
    To make a nomination, visit here.
    For questions related to the recommendation process, contact Cynthia King at (800) 395-5102, ext. 5501, or
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