Mark Harris bows out of new N.C. election
    February 27 2019 by Diana Chandler, Baptist Press

    Former Southern Baptist pastor Mark Harris has pulled out of the running for Congress, just days after agreeing to a new congressional election amid concerns of fraud.

    Mark Harris

    Harris cited health concerns including sepsis and two strokes in an email Feb. 26 to state election officials saying he would not remain in the new race for North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District. Harris led by 905 votes in the last count of November 2018 ballots but state officials refused to certify the results.
    Harris said he “owed it to the citizens of the 9th District to have someone at full strength during the new campaign,” Reuters quoted him as saying today.
    State officials last week ordered a new election after Harris acknowledged Feb. 21 an absence of integrity in the vote, which had placed him slightly above Democrat Dan McCready.
    “The public’s confidence in the 9th District seat general election has been undermined to an extent that a new election is warranted,” Harris told the North Carolina Board of Elections, reversing his adamant stance against a new election.
    Harris pastored First Baptist Church in Charlotte, N.C., until 2017 and was president of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina from 2011-2013.

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Alan Davis
I will just repeat what I said in 2013 and was chastised by the political Christian's for
Alan Davis
I do not presume to know what God wants for Mark, but I do know what the scriptures say, and God does not contradict scripture. It all boils down to whether one sees the gospel more powerful or the government. There is absolutely no scriptural mandate for a man called to preach the gospel to leave off the vocation of preaching the gospel to join the ranks of a man-made institution of government. When faced with a tyrannical government the Apostle Paul didn't run for office though he was well equipped to do so. He preached the gospel. The only prophets of God in the Scriptures involved in Politics were either forced to be there or were there before they were called of God.
Paul said a soldier of the cross does not entangle himself with the affairs of this world. Do we still believe the power of the gospel? What is this telling young men answering the call to preach the gospel? That if they get enough schooling, pastor a prominent church, then one day they can go to Washington? To step down from the vocation of preaching the gospel to anything else is ...well, a step DOWN.
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2/28/2019 8:33:41 AM

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