Chowan teaches danger of credit card abuse
    January 19 2009 by Joshua Barker, Chowan University News

    While some students are earning class credit, others are ruining their financial credit, so Chowan University is educating students to the dangers of credit card abuse.

    After seeing the documentary film “Maxed Out” students learned the extreme horrors of credit card debt.

    “At the end, it showed these two college students who ended up committing suicide just because of their credit card debt,” said Michele Reedy, Chowan’s director of student activities. “It really left a bad taste in my mouth.”

    According to Reedy, credit card education should begin before students ever reach the college campus to stop such tragedies.

    “It’s something every parent should have a few conversations about with their students when they go off to school,” she said.

    As part of its Perspectives Program, Chowan is trying to expand students’ knowledge of subjects that they may not find in text books.

    Drew Joyner, a 1983 Chowan alumnus, is financial services officer for the North Carolina State Employees Credit Union, and a former “repo man.” During an interactive lecture Joyner explained the importance of paying more than the minimum due and the hazards of high interest rates and fees accrued from not paying on time.

    Joyner spoke of students’ financial futures in the work place.

    Financial health package

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