Youth ‘lost’ on island rescued from law
    July 22 2009 by BR staff

    Youth from five churches learned in a dramatic way June 17 how God’s word fulfills the law and sets them free.
    Travis Crocker, youth minster at First Baptist Church in Beaufort followed up special events from two previous years built around the “Lost” television series theme, with “LOST 3: The Initiative.”

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    A youth, center, who succumbed to one of the seven deadly sins is escorted away.

    Participating churches were First Baptist and Calvary Baptist in Beaufort, First Baptist and Cherry Branch Baptist of Havelock and Woodville Baptist.
    After youth received pre-flight instructions from Matthew Hosher, youth minister of First Baptist Church, Havelock they were sent to the Beaufort boardwalk to load onto boats. Three quarters of the way to Carrot Island, youth “wrecked” and had to swim to shore.
    After crossing the forest into an open plain for lunch, youth made their way down to the beach to see the plane wreckage from their crash. Wreckage was real, as remains of a real plane crash in which no one was injured were scattered on the shore.
    Youth enjoyed water games and football until interrupted by news that several people were missing. They banded together to search, only to discover the island was not as deserted as they had believed.
    “They progressed through seven traps, representing seven deadly sins, and at each stage youth — who were in on this — fell in their sins and were captured by the evil Dharma Initiative, a group researching the effects of sin on our lives,” Crocker said. “Youth were pulled into the forest, lassoed and pulled onto a boat, one chaperone betrayed the group for a boat ride off the island from Dharma, and another youth was pulled by a camouflaged rope that seemed to magically pull him over the dunes.”
    After losing seven youth to seven deadly sins, everyone emerged from the forest and watched silently as the captives were loaded onto boats. The others followed to the enemy camp on nearby Radio Island.
    “To this point we had been unable to rescue youth as the enemy was bearing the Dharma cockra symbol meaning ‘wheel of law,’” Crocker said. “Since we could not get past the law, we were powerless to intervene in these abductions. However, upon arriving at Radio Island, we found one of our lost youth who had been experimented on but was well and free from Dharma. He had survived and went free because he had God’s word that fulfilled the law and he no longer lived by the law.”
    Crocker said “with God’s word, we advanced to find the captives tied to torches slowly being covered by the tide.”
    The free participants taught the others the nature of sin and the redemptive nature of Jesus who loosens the bonds of sin. Saved by Him, the captives shook off their ropes and went free, concluding the event, and converting Dharma to Christians, Crocker said.
    “The youth really enjoyed this event, and most importantly grew in their knowledge of what is taught in Romans 8, that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ,” Crocker said.

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