Rick Warren has sight loss; expects recovery
    July 23 2010 by Michael Foust, Baptist Press

    MISSION VIEJO, Calif. — Author and pastor Rick Warren experienced some temporary vision loss during an accident at his home Monday but is expected to recover fully, a spokesperson for his church says.

    Warren was in his yard pruning a firestick plant when a substance from the plant transferred to his hands and then to his eyes, causing what he labeled as “excruciating pain.” His wife called 911, and he was transported to a Mission Viejo, Calif., hospital, where his eyes were irrigated.

    He stayed overnight but went home Tuesday.

    The author of The Purpose Driven Life, Warren sent out a Tweet Thursday asking Christians to “pray my sight loss is restored.” That led to various rumors that he was blind, which is not the case, Saddleback Church spokesperson Kristin Cole told Baptist Press. Warren later sent out a Tweet saying in part, “I am NOT blind.”

    “There was a little bit of temporary vision loss because the cornea was damaged,” she said. “... That’s a part of the eye that will restore itself, so it’s in the process. His vision seems to be OK right now. He is still in pain and discomfort but it’s not nearly as severe as when it first happened.

    “The doctors are expecting a 100 percent recovery.”

    Warren described the pain as a 12 on the 1-through-10 pain scale. He was given protective contacts and eye ointment.

    He was in so much pain “that when his wife Kay came out to find out what was going on, he really couldn’t articulate fully what was happening,” Cole said.
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