Caraway celebrates 50 years
    July 31 2012 by BR staff

    Former Camp Caraway staff members brought their families to a special event July 21 at Caraway Conference Center and Camp near Asheboro. Directors, counselors and others gathered to reminisce and celebrate 50 years of Camp Caraway.
    Located on nearly 1,100 acres, the camp began as a ministry for RAs (Royal Ambassadors) in 1963.
    “There were staff members from the very first summer up to this summer,” said Jeremy Jackson, Caraway’s associate director, who estimated about 130 people attended the event. About half of the people were former staff members. Some chose to stay overnight in cabins to extend their time together.
    During the program several speakers shared their Caraway experiences. They also dedicated the Clyde Davis Sr. dining hall and showcased the stones commemorating past Camp Caraway directors that will be placed near the flagpole.

    Camp Caraway photo

    Former and current Camp Caraway staff members gathered recently with their families for a special time of remembrance.

    Many who are familiar with Caraway’s history know of Bill Jackson’s involvement in getting Caraway started, but Director Jimmy Huffman also highlighted Davis’ involvement in finding a location and “in making Caraway a reality,” Jeremy Jackson recalled. “Both men were heavily involved in making Caraway a reality.”
    A slide presentation shared photos and information about Caraway over the years. During the program the Bill Jackson historical wall also was recognized.
    “It was just a neat experience,” said Jackson, who described a camp ritual of eating moon pies and drinking grape soda. And like other camp experiences, participants swapped stories sitting around the campfire.
    Caraway is in the process of raising support for a $7.5-million campaign to build a new three-story facility that will be used to accommodate more guests. In September 2011, Caraway dedicated the Powell/Warren Mountain House that serves as a minister’s retreat.
    Jackson said the most common story shared during the event involved boys who began a faith walk with Jesus or made other decisions for Christ at the camp. On the Caraway website, Kendell Cameron, pastor of First Baptist Church of Mount Holly who directed the camp from 1990-1993, said “My favorite moment each week was the commitment service at the chapel on the lake. I loved watching 200 campers converge on that beautiful, holy spot. Ultimately, what made that spot holy for me was not the beautiful vista, but the view of watching boys make commitments for Christ.”
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CJ Bordeaux
I was sorry that due to illness I was unable to attend the Golden Anniversary at Caraway. What I want to say is this...40 years ago as a teenage boy, Camp Caraway, Bill Jackson, Tom Collins, Ed Bullock and many others made a massive difference in my life, and I have never forgotten it. I am proud to be an alumnus of Camp Caraway and shall forever treat those grounds as a holy place where many souls were saved and where many of us young men had our lives directed by the hand of the Lord. Happy Anniversary Camp Caraway.
7/31/2012 11:55:27 PM

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