The persecuted: 'Our pain is nothing compared to Jesus’
    July 9 2015 by Susie Rain, IMB Connections

    They each had a choice – renounce their belief in Jesus or sign a paper relinquishing their house, property and burial rights in the community cemetery.
    The Arkansas pastor looked around the small, mud room in disbelief. Persecution was not something he knew first-hand, yet the South Asian unreached people group his church had adopted did.
    Believer after believer stood up to share with the mission team. With each story the momentum grew and soon 10 people shared together: Villagers marched the church members to the center of town. When they refused to renounce their faith or sign the document, three were stripped naked and paraded through the village. Then, the attackers beat three men and two women with sticks.
    The pastor asked what they were thinking at the time and if they had thought about denying Jesus.
    “NO!” the believers said in unison. An older woman continued for the group. “We kept reminding each other that our pain was nothing compared to the pain our Savior went through on the cross.”
    Tears filled the eyes of everyone in the room. Even though the Arkansas team visits only once a year, the bond is tight. These are the faces posted on the main wall of the Arkansas church. Their shared story was featured in the 2013 Week of Prayer for Global Missions. Thousands have prayed for their perseverance.
     “What helps me is to know that we serve the same God,” a woman said to the Arkansans. “You live in America and we live here. He gave the same sacrifice for you and for me. I know we are not alone.”
    Continue to pray for South Asian believers as persecution is at it’s highest in years. Pray that they will be the Light in their communities and feel God’s presence.
    (EDITOR’S NOTE – Susie Rain is an IMB writer living in Asia.)

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