Caner out as Liberty dean
    June 28 2010 by wire reports

    A statement by Liberty University June 25 says Ergun Caner’s contract as dean of Liberty’s seminary will not be extended, but that he will continue on the seminary’s faculty.

    Liberty had been investigating claims that Caner made conflicting statements about his personal history that embellished his credentials as a young Muslim trained in jihadist tactics before a conversion to Christianity.

    Liberty’s statement said their “thorough and exhaustive review” of Caner’s statements concluded that he had made “self-contradictory” statements. The investigative committee found no evidence “to suggest that Dr. Caner was not a Muslim who converted to Christianity as a teenager, but, instead, found discrepancies related to matters such as dates, names and places of residence.”

    The statement said Caner “has apologized for the discrepancies and misstatements that led to this review.” His contract as dean of the seminary expired June 30 and was not renewed. He accepted an employment contract for the 2010-2011 academic year and remains on the faculty as a professor.

    Liberty said in May it would investigate charges in various media questioning Caner’s claims about being raised in Turkey, and about his defending Christianity in debates with Muslim scholars and other religious leaders in 13 countries and 35 states.

    Christianity Today was the first mainstream news outlet to report the Caner controversy. One well-known blogger and a pastor, Wade Burleson, considered what would happen if Caner had to follow the school’s honor code. He had other blogs about Caner as well. Visit his blog here.
    6/28/2010 6:51:00 AM by wire reports | with 2 comments

Gene Scarborough
How many of those like him are misleading the Mega Church with testimonies of people who have "sinned interestingly" [i](a phrase coined by Leslie D. Weatherhead as he noted while at seminary you each retelling of a personal testimony by some presented more "interesting" details each time it was told!).[/i]
6/29/2010 7:26:24 AM

Dr. James Willingham
The case of Dr. Caner obviously needed to be addressed, and it was by those most directly affected by it, that is, by the administration of Liberty. We might question their wisdom and method in dealing with the problem. However, we can't continue to stir a cow pile, if we want to bring the stink to an end. And we must all remember that when another professing Christian fails, we are all affected to some degree. We could find stories on many even of our greatest leaders from the past and the present. Even the Bible provides examples as in the case of David's adultery with Bathsheba and murder of Uriah the Hittite, but he did seek God's forgiveness. I really would not want to be caught vis-a-vis with the Lord on an issue on which He has indicated His forgiveness. That would not be too swift.
6/28/2010 11:25:59 PM

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