AAEO Week of Prayer — Live With Urgency: Share God’s Transforming Power
    March 5 2010 by North American Mission Board

    Each day of the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering Week of Prayer (WOP), the Biblical Recorder will share stories about missionaries on the field.

    There will be videos, photos and stories covering various parts of the North American Mission Board’s coverage area.

    Today, the BR shares what the theme means. Check back daily Sunday (March 7) through Sunday (March 14) for WOP coverage.

    Scripture: Romans 1:16 — For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is God's power for salvation to everyone who believes, first to the Jew, and also to the Greek (HCSB).

    • To nurture in Southern Baptists an awareness of and sensitivity to the many people groups and personalities represented in North America, and the urgent need for all to be transformed by God’s power from sinful man to redeemed believer.
    • To inspire and challenge Southern Baptists to sow down the gospel throughout North America.
    • To encourage Christians to be active in sharing the gospel with their families, friends, and neighbors.
    • To increase awareness of and participation in praying for and giving to North American missions efforts through the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering®.

    With nearly three out of every four people in the United States, Canada and their territories living without a personal relationship with Christ, it is easy to see how urgently people need to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. Only God is powerful enough to transform the lives of those living in sin or living without hope that is found in eternal salvation.

    Each person’s life can be transformed by the same power that raised Jesus from the grave and offered eternal life to those who would follow Him.

    But how will people hear the powerful, life changing message of God without someone telling them? How are Southern Baptists sharing God’s transforming power with the multitudes of unbelievers?

    Our North American missionaries, in partnership with state conventions, associations, and local churches are living out the call God has placed on their lives by moving out of their comfort zones and unashamedly proclaiming the message of salvation with all people they encounter.

    They are creatively and actively seeking common ground with unbelievers so they can share the powerful message of God which transforms lives from sinful man to redeemed believer. Together, we can pray for our North American missionaries, give sacrificially to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering, and work alongside our Southern Baptist missionaries and do our part to share God’s powerful message of forgiveness and the offer of eternal life.

    During the Week of Prayer for North American Missions, consider how you can “Live with Urgency” and impact the Kingdom of God through your continued prayers, giving, and going in this urgent task God has called us to carry out.

    Pray for these missionaries who represent the dedicated work of thousands like them.  

    National AAEO Goal:

    Suggested Dates for Week of Prayer:
    March 7-14, 2010  

    Day One
    Jim and Myrtle Ballard, Idaho
    Associational Missions/ Church Planting

    Jim Ballard serves as director of missions for Eastern Idaho Baptist Association working with Hispanic, cowboy, and other people groups.
    • Pray for more churches to unashamedly share the gospel with Hispanics in the area.
    • Pray for Jim as he encourages, prays for, counsels, and trains pastors and church planters working among a variety of ethnic and cultural groups.  
    Day Two
    Michael and Vicki McQuitty, New York
    Collegiate Evangelism

    Michael McQuitty is a collegiate evangelism missionary at Syracuse University working through Baptist Collegiate Ministry to witness to students and help them grow spiritually.
    • Pray for Michael as he encourages and helps college students to share Christ with their peers.
    • Pray for God to burden students for evangelism and give them a desire to help start new churches in New York, North America, and around the world.
    Day Three
    Vivian and James McCaughan,  Missouri
    Church Planting/ Woman’s Missionary Union

    Vivian assists with multihousing church planting and encourages churches to see these communities as mission fields. Through her work with Woman’s Missionary Union, she also challenges women in Missouri Baptist churches to live a missions lifestyle.
    • Pray for Vivian as she encourages churches to become aware of ministry opportunities within multihousing communities and to go beyond the walls of the church to minister to residents there.
    • Pray that the 97 percent of multihousing residents who do not have a connection to an evangelical Christian church will experience the power of God’s love.  
    Day Four
    Craig and Suzy Miles, North Carolina
    Special Ministries

    As directors of Appalachian Trail Servants, Mission Service Corps missionaries Craig and Suzy Miles hike the Appalachian Trail interacting with and ministering to fellow hikers by sharing the gospel through actions and words.
    • Pray that long-distance hikers will connect the beauty of the creation around them with the one, true Creator.
    • Pray for more qualified chaplains to commit to hiking the trails and sharing Christ in word and deed.
    Day Five
    Bill and Carol Lighty, Colorado
    Associational Missions

    As area missionary for Pikes Peak Baptist Association, Bill Lighty assists churches in utilizing a variety of strategies to reach many different types of people with a wide variety of backgrounds.
    • Pray for Bill as he utilizes a variety of different church styles including ethnic, cowboy, and multihousing churches to connect with the more than 500,000 unbelievers in the area.
    • Pray for more church planters to come with a burden and desire to proclaim the gospel to the residents in the area.
    Day Six
    Michael and Marla Allen, Illinois
    Church and Community Ministry

    Michael Allen is the senior pastor and Baptist center director at Uptown Baptist Church, a multicultural and multi-ethnic church and ministry in Chicago.
    • Pray for more of the 300-plus homeless men, women, and children who come to the Monday night meal to hear and respond to the gospel.
    • Pray for God to continue to give Michael wisdom, compassion, and boldness as he pastors his congregation and shares God’s love with the community in action and words.
    Day Seven
    Luis and Lourdez Rodriguez, Puerto Rico
    Church Planting
    Luis Rodriguez is a Hispanic churchplanting missionary and pastor of Baptist Church of Coamo ministering to the community through the church and the Coamo Christian Academy.
    • Pray for wisdom and guidance as Luis and Lourdez minister to students and their parents through the Christian Academy Ministry.
    • Pray for God to provide more missionaries and church planters to start churches in and around Coamo where there is only one Southern Baptist church.
    Day Eight
    Louis Spears, Arizona
    Church Planting

    Louis serves the Valley Rim Baptist Association in Mesa, Ariz., where he assists church planters with ministries to multihousing communities and mobile home parks. He also encourages church planters working with house churches and Bible studies as they begin congregations.
    • Pray for God to send more workers to start new churches.
    • Pray for believers already living in Arizona to answer God’s call to move into apartment communities in order to share the transforming power of God’s love with residents.

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