Surrogate mother refuses $10,000 for abortion
    March 11 2013 by Baptist Press

    A surrogate mother refused to abort the baby she was carrying despite a $10,000 offer from the girl’s parents, according to CNN.

    Crystal Kelley, a single mother who lived in a suburb of Hartford, Conn., agreed to have a baby for a couple who wanted a fourth child but could no longer have one. She desired to help someone with fertility problems, and she also needed the $22,000 she would receive for being a surrogate, CNN reported March 5.

    Kelley became pregnant with a girl after two frozen embryos conceived by in vitro fertilization were transferred to her uterus in October 2011.

    Her pregnancy and her relationship with the parents went well until an ultrasound in February 2012, when she was 21 weeks pregnant, showed the child had a cleft lip and palate, a brain cyst and a complicated heart condition that would require several surgeries after birth. The baby’s opportunity for a “normal life” was only about 25 percent, doctors said.

    The parents, who were not identified by CNN, wanted Kelley to have an abortion, but she refused. The couple met with Kelley and sought to persuade her to change her mind.

    “I told them that they had chosen me to carry and protect this child, and that was exactly what I was going to do,” Kelley told CNN. “I told them it wasn’t their decision to play God.”

    After the couple offered her $10,000 to have an abortion, Kelley’s longtime opposition to abortion almost collapsed. She had lost her job as a nanny shortly before becoming a surrogate and could have used the money. After wavering, she rejected the offer, however.

    When Kelley declined, the couple informed her they – as the legal parents in Connecticut – would take their daughter after her birth and give custody of her to the state. Kelley didn’t want the baby in foster care, so she and her daughters moved in April to Michigan, a state where she would be the legal mother because the state does not recognize surrogacy agreements.

    Kelley asked a couple with special needs children to adopt the baby girl, and they agreed. Baby S., as the little girl has come to be known, was born in June with even more health complications than expected. At eight months of age, she has undergone open-heart surgery and faces other operations.

    The couple who wanted Kelley to abort reached an agreement that enables them to be in contact with the adoptive parents and visit Baby S.

    Kelley told CNN she believes she made the right choice.

    “No one else was feeling this pregnancy the way that I was. No one else could feel her kicking and moving around inside,” she said. “I knew from the beginning that this little girl had an amazing fighting spirit, and whatever challenges were thrown at her, she would go at them with every ounce of spirit that she could possibly have.

    “No matter what anybody told me, I became her mother.”
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