Hendersonville church calls second woman pastor
    May 12 2009 by Associated Baptist Press

    HENDERSONVILLE — Providence Baptist Church in Hendersonville has called Julie Merritt Lee as pastor, succeeding its first pastor Gail Coulter, also female.   

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    Julie Merritt Lee

    Many female ministers run into what they term a “stained-glass ceiling” that blocks them from achieving the role of senior pastor.

    Coulter was assistant pastor at First Baptist Church in Asheville before becoming Providence’s first pastor in 2002. Providence sought membership in the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (BSC), but determined to affiliate nationally with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) instead of the Southern Baptist Convention.

    That decision, coupled with calling a female pastor, prompted two Baptist associations to refuse to accept the church, making it ineligible to receive church-starting funds from the state convention.  

    The CBF-NC and five CBF-related churches sponsored the new congregation.

    No record of contribution to the work of the BSC has been recorded from Providence since at least 2005, according to BSC offices.

    Lee, a 2005 graduate of Baylor University’s George W. Truett Theological Seminary, currently is a pastoral resident at Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas.  

    George Mason, Wilshire’s senior pastor, said Providence Baptist Church is making a good choice.  

    “Julie is a gifted and capable pastor,” Mason said. “Whether preaching, teaching, counseling, leading worship, raising and managing a budget, or casting a vision for the church, Julie knows the work and is ready for the challenge. Our church heartily acknowledges and recommends her pastoral gifts and graces.”

    5/12/2009 6:31:00 AM by Associated Baptist Press | with 4 comments

Alan Davis
I do believe that scripture prohibits a woman from being pastor of a church. But once again, why let the facts get in our way?! We by all means should let culture and humanism guide our decisions, NOT!! Im not even sure this should be in the BR because this is not a NC Baptist church we are talking about but it is Baptist news though.
5/15/2009 9:27:58 AM

Ray Crawford
Good for her! And good for the Church. Since I was a child (a long time ago) I wondered why
we allowed women to preach anywhere in the world, except at home. Women still can as long as they will not ask for ordination. When a group of men write a set of rules that conflict with the techings of Christ, we see this grpup as rather mixed up. Thgey are not Baptist in the sense of sole supremacy. I'm still a Baptist, but have a hard time remaining a Sputhern Baptist.
5/14/2009 12:26:07 PM

Gary Bryson
There's no such creature as a woman preacher.
5/13/2009 3:04:04 PM

Good for them. Good for her. Good for us.
5/12/2009 10:34:11 PM

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