Two named Addie Davis award winners
    May 13 2009 by Special to the Biblical Recorder

    Marquette Bugg and Tammy Jackson Gill are the 2009 recipients of the Addie Davis Award, named for the first Southern Baptist woman to be ordained to the ministry, in 1964.

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    Marquette Bugg

    Baptist Women in Ministry gave the first awards in honor of Addie Davis in 1998.  Addie Davis died in December 2005.

    Bugg is the recipient of the Addie Davis Award for Excellence in Preaching.  She graduated this month from George W. Truett Theological Seminary in Waco, Texas, with a masters of divinity in theology.  She preached from Mark 10:46-52 on “Blind Bart Has a Daydream.”

    Bugg said it is good to dream but that we need to check our dreams with Jesus, because Jesus is asking us the same question he had for Bartimaeus: “What do you want me to do for you?” Bugg is moving to Ghana, West Africa to help begin a sports ministry in basketball and soccer.

    Tammy Jackson Gill received the Addie Davis Award for Outstanding Leadership in Pastoral Ministry. She is a master of divinity student at Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Shawnee, Ks., and is pastor to children and families at Holmeswood Baptist Church in Kansas City, Mo. She also is clinical director for Wellspring Ministries in Lee’s Summit, Mo., and is the founder and executive director of Healing Grace Counseling Centers in Lee’s Summit and Warrensburg, Mo.

    “God called me to ministry from the moment I could hear and sense God,” she wrote. “I was drawn to the preacher boy in high school because I was drawn to preaching myself. I often wonder how many other girls have tried to be the “preacher’s wife” because they did not know they could be the preacher? Thank God for Addie Davis, Mary Magdelene, Molly Marshall, and the many others who have helped blaze the path and shine the light for girls and women who live to share of God’s amazing, healing grace.”

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    Tammy Jackson Gill

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My guess is the brethren are not going to take kindly to this being a banner headline.
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